Earscan is proud to be one of the few companies in Australia to be offering 3D ear scanning for custom ear products. This means you do not need to have regular ear impressions taken. With minimal contact to the ear canal there is no risk of discomfort from impression material getting stuck or overshooting the otoblock. Clients can wear their hearing aid in the other ear so they can still hear during the scan (particularly great for children and clients with cognitive disabilities).

High Quality

The quality of the custom products built using the Otoscanner images are great, requiring less remakes, since the Otoscanner does not push or distort the wall of the canal like impression material has the potential to do.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Using the otoscanner has also resulted in a reduction of Earscan’s carbon footprint as the scans are sent via the cloud.

Faster Turnaround

Orders are received by manufacturers instantly upon completing the scan, resulting in much reduced turnaround times.

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