Earscan is an independent audiological clinic, this means we are not affiliated to any manufacturing company. Earscan prescribes from the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers, supplying the highest technical support and warranty services.


These products can range from an entry level device starting from approximately $800 to a premium fully automatic hearing aid, approximately $4500.

Earscan prescribes hearing aids based on a client’s:

  • Test results
  • Communication goals
  • Audiological test results
  • Aesthetic preferences
  • Anatomic requirements
  • Management abilities

Pensioners and Veteran’s Affairs Clients receive funding for entry level devices and hearing services free of charge. Earscan can assist you to sign up to the Government’s Hearing Services Program if you are eligible.


Being worn on the body, hearing aids can be exposed to moisture and wax and may require servicing from time to time. At times, hearing aids may be serviced in-house however it may also me required to courier your hearing aid/s to the manufacturer for repair. It is possible to loan hearing aids while yours are being serviced. All hearing aids sold at Earscan come with:

3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

12 Month International Warranty


It is recommended to have a yearly hearing test and tune up appointment keep your hearing aids working to their optimal performance.


The temperature in the ear canal can be very warm and have humidity levels between 40 & 70%. This combined with the salty and acidic nature of ear wax means it is necessary to regularly clean and care for your hearing aids.

Following is a list of trouble shooting ideas if your hearing aid stops working or is performing poorly:

The hearing aid is dead

Try changing the battery or checking the charge of your rechargeable hearing aids.

Already checked the battery? You may have wax or debris in microphone, receiver, earmold or dome. Try to clean the microphone and receiver with a brush and change the wax prevention system. If there is no change in the performance, your hearing may have decreased, or the aid may need to be sent to the manufacturer for repair. Earscan can assist to retune your aids or send for repair. 

The hearing aid sounds soft or distorted

If moisture has affected the hearing aid you can try using an electronic drying kit to remove the moisture, however it is also recommended to have the aids serviced as moisture can cause corrosion overtime.

Tips for care of your hearing aid

Other tips to care for your hearing aids include putting them in after your shower, swim or apply hair products such as hair spray, try not to drop your hearing aids, leave them in a regular safe place over night away from pets, do not take them off and wrap in tissues and have regular cleaning program.


Earscan offers a full range of disposable hearing aid wax guards and batteries, TV devices, electronic drying kits, brushes, and cleaning wipes.


Earscan always strives to provide the most environmentally friendly practices possible, therefore we offer a hearing aid recycling service.
Drop into our store to recycle your batteries.